Custom Upholstery & Restoration

Hands doing delicate sewing work.

A Little About Amy

People often ask how I got into the upholstery business, so I’ll start there…

Learning Sewing Skills Young

I’ve been a car lover and sewing enthusiast as long as I can remember. My mom was a prolific seamstress, and I learned young, sitting by her side. In high school I was that kid who would dig through mom’s fabric pile for inspiration and whip something new up to wear the next day. I was blessed with an incredibly supportive sewing teacher who essentially created an entire course on pattern drafting solely for me when the existing curriculum did not prove challenging enough.

Finding a Niche

Amy wearing her Personal Protective Equipment at the shop.
Amy wearing her Personal Protective Equipment at the shop.

In 12th grade I took on a couple challenges that would end up shaping the rest of my life. I competed in the Canada Skills Competition and won silver for our province in fashion design. I was also dating a fellow who was restoring a 1964 VW Beetle. He asked if I could make him seat covers, to which I replied “I’ll give it a whirl!” and then and there I found my love of cars and creation combined.

Furthering Education and Refining Skills

I enrolled in the Auto Trimmers course at Kwantlen and graduated top of my class in 2000. I completed my practicum, and eventually my apprenticeship under the tutelage of Rick Clark, owner of Premium-Fit Upholstery and Glass, where I was privileged to work and learn for 10 years before eventually moving on. I worked for several other Abbotsford businesses in the interim, and finally went out on my own in 2016.


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